PMU Latino Awards to be held in the DR

The modern woman is no longer satisfied with a good make-up or a well-groomed face. In recent times she has resorted to methods and techniques that allow her to have a permanently beautiful image.
From this pretension, new resources in the aesthetic area are taking center stage, which are being perfected more and more every day. Events such as ‘PMU Latino Awards’ help those who work in the world of beauty to acquire new knowledge about the advances that arise.

And this year, this activity will be held in the Dominican Republic, a country that will be represented by Johanna Quéliz. “For me, it is truly a great honor to be able to be in this event of so much teaching and knowledge shared among experts from so many countries,” explained the professional.
Representatives from the United States, Italy, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico will be attending the event, which will take place at the Jaragua Hotel on August 27, 28 and 29.

Live technique

“For me it will be a great challenge to represent the Dominican Republic with a live technique, in which BBLIPS will be applied in the JQ style. This is the technique of lip micropigmentation, which we have been applying with very good results for quite some time now. At the ‘PMU Latino Awards’ we will give tips on how we do it and we are sure that we will come out with other tips, since that is what this type of event is all about, considered the largest in the beauty area in Latin America”, commented Quéliz.


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