Dominican Republic seeks to strengthen commercial ties

After four years of absence, yesterday some 28 delegations from Latin American and Caribbean nations met yesterday for the “Business Future of the Americas” program, which was led by President Luis Abinader and Christopher Dodd, special advisor to U.S. President Joe Biden.

During their participation, both speakers highlighted important points about the region’s economy, the challenges that must be faced and the commercial ties that must be strengthened in favor of the growth of the Americas.

In his keynote address at the conference, President Luis Abinader said that this meeting represents an opportunity to “establish contacts and strengthen ties with public and private leadership throughout the hemisphere”.

Pro-business and pro-development

In an impromptu way, the president said that his government is “pro-business and pro-development”, while those present applauded him effusively.

“It is a space in which we can talk about regional value chains and their contribution to international trade and the opportunities created by betting on better connectivity between our countries. Generating value to build regional welfare,” said the President.

He stressed that the role played by the American Chamber of Commerce has served to promote investment based on access to knowledge, opportunities and a culture of best practices for the socioeconomic and professional development of all its members in the Dominican Republic and throughout the region.

Christopher Dodd, special advisor to U.S. President Joe Biden, listed some of the challenges facing the Americas, including the energy transition based on clean energy, access to high-quality financing and infrastructure development.

He also mentioned the proper use of natural resources, the promotion of supply chains and access to technologies.

De los Santos

At the opening, the president of AmchamDR, Edwin De los Santos, said that this meeting is “key” to seek possible solutions to the challenges facing the region.

“We are aware of the challenges we face and that is why the conference is a key space to discuss and find solutions to the current economic challenges of relevance to seek innovative solutions,” he said.


Luis Abinader highlighted that the meeting constitutes a propitious platform to talk about innovation, cyber security and sustainability.


He also made a compilation of all the works that the central government has executed, including public transportation, roads, technology, among others.


He highlighted that the DR is one of the countries in the region with the greatest economic stability. As of May of this year, annualized inflation is 4.43%.



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