First DR foreign trade statistics portal launched

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) and the National Statistics Office (ONE) presented this Thursday the DATACOMEX portal, the first interactive panel of foreign trade statistics in the country and the Caribbean, created to offer consolidated data on trade trends and to define market access strategies.

DATACOMEXRD, available at at, is a free public tool whose database is the most reliable statistics available, consolidated and validated by the Inter-Institutional Committee on Foreign Trade Statistics (CIECE).

This presentation was headed by Víctor -Ito- Bisonó, minister of the MICM, Miguel Ceara Hatton, minister of the MEPYD, Miosotis Rivas Peña, director of the ONE, and the vice minister of Foreign Trade of the MICM, Vilma Arbaje de Contreras, coordinating body of the initiative.

During the presentation, Bisonó affirmed that the creation of the portal responds to the Government’s priority of formulating public policies to develop trade through accurate information. DATACOMEX, said the official, will allow the commercial sector to create or complement its customer profiles, evaluate its performance, that of its competitors and make analyses to take the pulse of its environment and optimize its operations.

“The modernization of information allows effective work, is a breakthrough, especially for the generations of digital natives and to strengthen the exporting and importing sectors,” said Miguel Ceara Hatton on the initiative.

On his side, Rivas Peña expressed that DATACOMEX meets one of the objectives prioritized from ONE, which is to facilitate access and understanding of statistical information to various types of audiences. “With this tool, users will be able to interact and learn about the main statistical indicators of foreign trade. In addition, they will have quick and timely access to the historical series of Foreign Trade statistical information validated and reconciled from 2002 to date.”

For Deputy Minister Arbaje, the portal places the country as a leader in innovation in transparency and democratization of information of this type of data, useful for exporting companies, potential exporters, decision makers, investors, researchers and students interested in the subject. “DATACOMEX-RD will open the doors to a new era of access to public information,” he stressed.

Features of DATACOMEX

It has 11 tabs of data, graphics and interactive maps that respond to users’ analysis and research needs.

The tabs include information on trade exchange, product analysis, historical trajectory graphs, interactive videos of changes in participation and weight of countries and products in trade, as well as the main foreign trade indicators of competitiveness calculated for each country or product.

Each information tab has search filters that allow customizing the statistics according to the user’s needs, such as economic destination, trade agreement block and trade flow.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, DATACOMEX offers innovative information that is currently not available in any other national statistics platform.

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