DR golf tourism offer to be promoted in the Netherlands

The RD has more than 30 golf courses, 18 of which are of professional level, which makes the country the best destination for golf tourism in the Caribbean, according to the Export and Investment Center of the RD.

For this reason, the ambassador of the RD to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Juan Bautista Durán, and the president of the National Golf Commission (CNG), Juan Cohen Sander, established a strategic collaboration to promote golf in European nations and encourage sporting exchanges.

Golf RDDuring the meetings, several opportunities for collaboration between both entities were proposed to encourage the private sector and fans to invest efforts in sports diplomacy.

Both executives expressed the interest of President Luis Abinader, and his government, to promote and develop this industry so important for the future of the RD, generating wealth in foreign exchange from tourism and real estate wealth, since this is the sport that creates the most jobs, and is an inclusive discipline for all.

“This significant meeting marks an important milestone in the intention to promote Dominican golf, an industry that is a tool for integration and development, highlighting its importance and maximizing the strengthening of sporting ties between the RD and the Netherlands, thus promoting cultural and tourism exchange through it,” said the diplomat Durán.

Meanwhile, Cohen Sander expressed his commitment to work closely with the Embassy to achieve the proposed objectives.

Source: Arecoa.com

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