DR and China strengthen cooperation ties

The Dominican Republic and the Dominican Republic and the People’s Republic of China, a country with which diplomatic relations were established in 2018, will strengthen the ties that unite them to boost the tourism potential that both nations possess.

This was reported by the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in the Dominican Republic, Chen Luning, during a conference in which he highlighted the potential that both countries possess in terms of tourism and that can be leveraged to promote reciprocal actions that contribute to strengthening bilateral relations.

At the event, called “Three Rivers and Four Waters, Encounter in Hunan, diplomatic representative Chen Luning emphasized that the Asian city has experienced significant growth in the tourism industry and in its service system, having 571 classified tourist sites, 11 of which are category 5A; 252 hotels, 22 of them five-star, as well as two areas designated as World Natural Heritage: unique landscapes in Zhangjiajie and Langshan and great mountains such as Mount Heng, the Xiang River and Dongting Lake.

In terms of history, Luning cited that tourists can explore the enclave of the ancient Yongshun Fort and experience one of the four great inventions of ancient China: the art of papermaking. They can also visit Yuelu Academy, which has 1,000 years of history, and stroll through the historical and cultural city of Fenghuang and the “ancient city on a waterfall” of Furong.

“Tourism is a crucial driver for economic development and a bridge to spread civilizations, exchange cultures and strengthen friendships. The Dominican Republic has a rich cultural heritage and abundant tourism resources. It offers beautiful beaches, sun and tourist attractions such as whale watching,” Luning said at the event, which was also headed by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugo Rivera, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).

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