Sunflower Festival 2023 through June 25 at Tierra Tropical

After the success of the first weekend, the magical farm opens a new date for the enjoyment of its protagonists “the beautiful sunflowers”.

Hundreds of people attended the first weekend of the “Sunflower Festival 2023” at Tierra Tropical in Baní, a magical farm that is full of nature and learning, as well as fun. Due to the great attendance received and the reservations that have been made for the next weekend, its organizers decided to open on June 24 and 25 so that no one will be left without enjoying its protagonists, the beautiful sunflowers and the flowers that accompany them.

As previously announced, Tierra Tropical received in its facilities in the banileja free zone, adults, young people and children, who have enjoyed beautiful activities scheduled by both the sponsoring brands and the organization of the place.

The place is magical, just entering is to receive a charge of energy and excitement. To start the tour, there is a station where you take the tractor and a specialist from the farm explains each of the plantations and their processes, as well as the wonderful process of planting and flowering of sunflowers. It is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

A contact farm with Lola the Cow and a giant ostrich, give life to a location full of goats, exotic chickens, dwarf pigs and other species that can only be enjoyed on the farm tour, as well as interactive activities for children that always keep the little ones happy and full of creativity.

“From the moment I walked in I thought, wow! This is incredible, just seeing the farm and the silo, I imagined I was in a dream, it is simply magic what you breathe here and when I started touring the place I thought how beautiful this country is, what wonderful things are achieved in this prosperous land. I invite everyone to get to know this beautiful Tropical Land and to multiply this message so that no one is left without knowing it”, expressed Valentina Diaz, attendee to the Sunflower Festival.

Sunflower Festival 2023, continues the following weekends of June:

Saturday 17 / Sunday 18,
Saturday 24 / Sunday 25

Tickets, fully electronic, can be purchased at the following link:


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