65% of the first cruisers in Cabo Rojo carried out activities in Pedernales

At least 940 passengers aboard the Norwegian Pearl Cruise, the first cruise ship to dock at the Cabo Rojo Port last Thursday, ventured to visit the tourist destinations of Pedernales province through scheduled excursions, according to data handled by Grupo ITM.

The Mexican company, concessionaire of the port, reported that at least 370 cruise passengers went to Pedernales -the boardwalk and the town-, being the most visited destination. Some 320 chose between Bahía de las Águilas, Las Mercedes and Laguna de Oviedo. Meanwhile, another 250 preferred the beaches, such as Cabo Rojo.

Although the above passengers who went out to visit the island represent at least 36.76% of the 2,557 travelers aboard the cruise ship, Alicia Mateos, ITM Group’s communications manager, said that 65% of the visitors (some 1,662 cruise passengers) carried out activities in the destination, taking into account those who went out to visit freely.

“There were visitors who went out on their own and took cabs and went to visit specific areas. We had cabs available for visitors who wanted to go out on their own and wanted to explore and get to know the destination independently,” he said.

He also indicated that 20% of the visitors stayed in the port (some 511 people out of the total). Therefore, 85% of the cruise passengers went down to the port, either to enjoy its amenities or to visit other places, according to Diario Libre.

The excursions were coordinated with some 35 tour guides of the area, who were in charge of orienting and transferring the travelers to the destinations, he said.

Meanwhile, 15% (some 383 passengers) chose to stay on the ship.

Source: Arecoa.com

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