DR one of the Caribbean’s most beloved island destinations

Dominican Republic is one of the most beloved island destinations in the Caribbean, especially for its beautiful beaches.

These are the 18 best beaches in Dominican Republic that you won’t want to miss on your beach vacation.

Known for its incredible all-inclusive resorts, breathtaking scenery and pristine beaches, the Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most beloved island destinations for travelers from all over North America. Bordered by white sandy shores, it’s almost harder to find a beach in the Dominican Republic that isn’t a worthy contender among the best in the Caribbean.

Our definitive guide to the best beaches in the Dominican Republic includes everything from world-famous shores among the best beaches in the Caribbean to hidden coves and sandy shores on small islets off the mainland coast. Here are the 18 best beaches in the Dominican Republic you won’t want to miss on your beach vacation.

Cayo Levantado

In the heart of Samana Bay, the white sand of Cayo Levantado has long been a favorite spot for travelers from all over the country. With shallow, ultra-clear waters and fine, soft white sand, this small island is truly a dream. Just 10 minutes from Samana by boat, it is easily accessible.

Cayo Levantado is a common addition to a day trip to Los Haitises National Park, located just across the bay from this pristine island. Whether traveling from Punta Cana or nearby, it’s the perfect day for a day trip to the beach.

For the full Cayo Levantado experience, skip the day trip for an overnight stay at the beautiful Cayo Levantado Resort. Recently reopened after extensive remodeling, this luxurious resort is now better than ever and one of the finest resorts in the Dominican Republic.

An impressive wellness offering and private access to the island’s best beaches, with delicious culinary offerings and excellent activities, make it an incredible highlight.

Punta Arena

The public beach on Cayo Levantado may be busy on weekend days with hikers and locals alike, but Punta Arena, just minutes away in Los Haitises National Park, is almost guaranteed to be empty. This deserted, unspoiled beach emerges from the waves to become a perfect stopover destination on a trip through the national park.

While the soft sands of Punta Arena are not necessarily ideal for an exciting snorkeling adventure, you are sure to find starfish, tropical fish and even some stingless jellyfish here. While snorkeling and sunbathing at Punta Arena are often included as a stop on day trips to Los Haitises National Park, this place is never overrun: we had the beach completely to ourselves when we visited.

Bavaro Beach

Known as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Playa Bavaro is part of what makes Punta Cana the tourist capital of the Dominican Republic. Stretching more than 30 miles (48 kilometers), Playa Bávaro is one of the longest beaches in the Caribbean, and with its powdery white sand and warm waters, it’s the Caribbean beach you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Bávaro Beach is lined with resorts, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for a relaxing beach vacation at one of the best resorts in the Dominican Republic, you can’t beat it.

Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino, on the most beautiful stretch of beach, is a favorite resort here: the family and adults-only sections make your stay perfect, no matter who you’re traveling with. The resort’s two-level oceanfront pool is stunning, and kids will love the water park.

Las Canas Beach

Perched along the northern coast of the Samana peninsula, Playa Las Canas is a particularly beautiful spot in a region known for its stunning and still relatively unspoiled beaches.

This off-the-beaten-path hidden beach is as beautiful, but basic, as it gets. There are no beach services here, and the road can be a bit tricky to navigate. However, if you’re looking for pristine, undeveloped white sand and palm-fringed shores, it doesn’t get much better than this among all the Dominican Republic beaches to choose from.

Make Playa Las Canas just one of your beach stops in the area, with nearby Playa Morón, Playa El Valle and Playa Ermitaño on the itinerary. Las Terrenas can be a good base for exploring the area; with many amenities there, it is the perfect base for exploring Samana.

Juanillo Beach

Cap Cana’s Playa Juanillo is just as beautiful as Playa Bávaro just to the north, but like Cap Cana, this beach somehow feels much more exclusive.

Less visited and less touristy, it is an even nicer Dominican Republic beach destination (in our opinion). The shallow, crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, without a wave in sight. The palm-dotted shores with places to rent chairs and loungers are ideal if you’re not staying at a beachfront location.

While there are many resorts and hotels along Playa Juanillo, it manages to avoid some of the craziness of Playa Bavaro. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to where to stay along the beach for a vacation that feels like the stuff of dreams.

Coson Beach

Located west of Las Terrenas on the Samana peninsula, Playa Coson is easily one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. Both its incredible length of golden sand and its unspoiled jungle feel make it a truly special destination that will feel like a breath of fresh air even among the rest of the stunning Dominican Republic beaches in the region.

Stay at one of the smaller hotels or resorts in the area or base yourself in Las Terrenas for easy access to Playa Cosón and some of the other gems in the area. Walk along the road parallel to the beach (towards Bella Vista Villas) for an incredible panoramic view of the beach.

Golden Beach

The pristine beauty of Playa Dorada has helped make Puerto Plata one of the largest tourist towns in the country and an important city on the north coast of the county. It has a long history of welcoming travelers from around the world, with the first all-inclusive resort in the country opening here in 1980 to transform the future of the island.

Playa Dorada is considered by many to be one of the Dominican Republic’s best beaches on the island’s north coast, and it’s no wonder why. The beach is a long stretch of white sand with shallow water, perfect even for children or beginner swimmers. There are many resorts here, but it doesn’t tend to feel overrun most of the time.

Punta Rucia

Two hours west of Puerto Plata, Punta Rucia has much of the beauty of Puerto Plata’s beaches, but with only a fraction of the visitors. Instead of sprawling resorts, you’ll find small hotels and local spots for a fraction of the budget.

Punta Rucia beach is worth the trip. The shallow waters and white sands make it a dream location; although there aren’t a lot of beach amenities, the quiet and relaxed atmosphere certainly makes up for it. Punta Rucia is also just across the waves from the white sandy Cayo Arena, making it a great place to enjoy two of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Cayo Arena

If you’ve ever dreamed of lounging on a deserted white sand island in the Caribbean, Cayo Arena is the place you’ve had in mind. Incredibly white sand and absolutely crystal clear water await on this “island”, just peaking over the waves off the coast of Punta Rucia. It’s the perfect place to spend a few hours diving, relaxing and more.

Access Cayo Arena via one of the many day trips departing from Punta Rucia and enjoy the equally stunning beach of this small town, or take a day trip to Cayo Arena from Puerto Plata.

Rincon Beach

During our trip to Samana province, this was the place that locals praised time and time again: Playa Rincon. Nestled among small beach towns like Las Galeras, Playa Rincon is part of what makes Samana such an attractive destination for travelers looking to enjoy a beach stay in the Dominican Republic.

Playa Rincón certainly lives up to all the hype. White sand and calm, shallow waters make it a popular beach destination, though its more remote location means it’s never crowded. Nearby local restaurants make it easy to spend all day here. Stay at Las Galeras for a night or two to really enjoy the area.

Playa Grande Beach

A secluded spot surrounded by lush jungles on the north coast of the country, Playa Grande is one of the Dominican Republic’s best beaches, though few travelers make it here. This long, untouched stretch of sand is good for both swimming and surfing, or perfect for relaxing in one of the most beautiful spots you’ll find on the island.

Stay at Amanera, perched overlooking the west end of the beach, for the full Playa Grande experience. This luxury resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Dominican Republic; equally luxurious ANI Dominican Republic is just a few miles away. More affordable options await in tiny Rio San Juan, just a few minutes’ drive to the west.

Bahia de las Aguilas (Eagles Bay)

Located within the Jaragua National Park, Bahia de las Aguilas is one of the most pristine beaches in the country. Its stunning white sands are almost too pristine and beautiful to believe. A trip to this unspoiled national park and a visit to this beach is just the beginning; the area is home to some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Despite its remote location near the Haitian border, the area is stunning and worth the trip, feasible for a weekend trip. It’s hard to find a more unspoiled and charming beach in the Caribbean.

Esmeralda Beach

Just over an hour north of Punta Cana, Playa Esmeralda is a stunning palm-fringed golden beach that welcomes only a small fraction of Punta Cana’s visitors. This strikingly beautiful beach will amaze you as you wonder how it has remained so untouched and undeveloped when places like Punta Cana are such a short drive away.

Access Playa Esmeralda through the small town of Miches, just a few miles south of the beach. The 5-star resort along the beach at Playa Esmeralda, Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, makes for an unforgettable stay on the sand, or choose from smaller, more affordable hotels and hostels in Miches.

El Limon Beach

Lined with palm trees and undeveloped, Playa El Limón along the northern coast of Samaná is the perfect beach for travelers looking to unwind. Here you’ll find little more than white sands to welcome you to a dreamy beach that you’ll probably have to yourself for a day of snorkeling and sunbathing.

Nearby Playa Moron and Playa Las Canas make this area a true beach access point. Continue on to Las Galeras and Playa Rincon for even more, or head to Cayo Levantado on the southern tip of the peninsula for even more of the Dominican Republic’s best beaches.

Saona Island

Located off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, Isla Saona is a stunning white sand island tucked inside the Parque Nacional del Este. This unspoiled island location, although a popular day trip destination year-round, is well worth a visit no matter where you travel from.

Isla Saona is a popular day trip from the resort towns of La Romana and Punta Cana, although you’ll find day trips from all over the island that reach this stunning beach destination. It’s the perfect beach day by catamaran, with many excursions offering lunch abroad and snorkeling stops along the way.

El Valle Beach

The clear sands and lush jungle surrounding Playa El Valle make this one of the most visually stunning beaches in the Dominican Republic, among the countless gems that make the northern coast of the Samana peninsula an incredible destination for Dominican Republic beaches.

Playa El Valle is visited enough to have a few small restaurants dotting the shores to serve visitors, but the roads to get here are a bit tricky. Despite its beauty, it is generally not a very populated beach and feels perfectly tucked away.

Kite Beach

If you’re looking for a slightly more active beach day, head to the shores of Cabarete, and specifically Kite Beach, for the best kitesurfing in the entire Dominican Republic. With plenty of places to rent equipment and lessons, not to mention the excitement of a strong community of enthusiasts, Kite Beach feels totally different from all the others.
While the beach has plenty of great amenities for visitors: beach bars, places to spend the night, and all the gear rental shacks you could ask for, its beauty alone probably wouldn’t land it on our list of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. It’s all about the experience here, and even for beginners, it’s great.

Los Mino Beach

Small but mighty Playa Los Mino is a hidden gem along the center of the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, located in the middle of the small town of Rio San Juan. This coastal town flies well under the radar, but is truly one of the best in the country. The easily accessible Playa Los Mino, with its white sand and clear water, is its masterpiece.

There’s not much in Rio San Juan other than a handful of small guesthouses and rentals. Nearby Amanera is considered one of the best resorts in the Dominican Republic, located in itself of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic – Playa Grande.Tags: The 18 best beaches.

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