Passenger flow through AILA increases

The flow of passenger arrivals and the increase of flights is becoming more and more considerable through the international airport of Las Americas and it was reported that many Creoles residing in different countries have decided to return permanently to their homeland.

The number of tourists arriving to the country through the terminal of Las Americas from different European countries, in packages sold by the tour operators of hotels scattered in different parts of the country, continues to be considerable.

The airport authorities and the company Aerodom, which manages Las Americas Airport and five other air terminals, define the movement of passengers as something never seen before in the history of Dominican commercial aviation.
Flights of the various national and foreign airlines are arriving completely full of passengers from the cities of New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, California, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Georgia, Orlando, as well as from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Also from countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, Argentina and Chile, there is a considerable movement of travelers of different nationalities, including entire families.

“This is something extraordinary what is happening in our beloved Dominican Republic because we are in August and December has not arrived and it is incalculable the flow of arrival of tourists and nationals through the airport of Las Americas,” said airport authorities.

They said that between 115 and 123 flights are taking place daily in the order of arrival and departure and indicated that as the December vacations approach, they predict that the number of people arriving in the country will be incalculable.


According to reports obtained, among the passengers who have arrived in the country, especially from the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela, there are many Creole residents who are retiring.


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