Government to deliver unprecedented incentive

The Government, through the Ministry of Sports, announced this Thursday the delivery of an unprecedented incentive of 100,000 pesos to athletes who have already qualified and to those who will also qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, including Paralympic athletes.

Likewise, Minister Francisco Camacho, announced that his administration will soon deliver the apartments of the Olympic Village completely renovated, to the sports federations and the COD, in order to concentrate their athletes in preparation for the Olympic Games.

“We have so much news to announce that we offered these first two, then more will follow”, said Camacho, in a press conference at the Ministry of Sports and Recreation.

First time that athletes receive incentives

This is the first time in the history of Dominican sport that athletes who have qualified for a multidisciplinary competition receive cash incentives from the government.

Camacho was clear in stating that this incentive is circumscribed in the desire of the Government, that the athletes go to Paris to defend the national flag without any family worries.

“This economic incentive will be exclusively for the athletes who will compete; later on we will talk about the traditional incentives for those who obtain medals in Paris, as well as to the coaches, federations and others,” Camacho said.


The head of Sports highlighted that the incentives for athletes who have qualified and are about to qualify for the Olympic Games include ensemble disciplines such as volleyball, with the Queens of the Caribbean, and the men’s soccer team.

Reinas Del Caribe

“Each of these athletes will receive an incentive of 100,000 pesos, as well as those who will represent the country in the Paralympic Games, also to be held in the French capital,” Camacho said.

With the satisfaction of having fulfilled his duty, the Minister of Sports announced that he will soon be handing over to the sports federations the apartments of the Olympic Village, totally remodeled to house the athletes of the different national teams.

During his presentation, he showed a video of how these apartments, which were totally deteriorated, were received at the beginning of his administration, and how they look now in 2024.

“I wish to point out that the Government of Luis Abinader has made a great investment and for this reason, there will be an instructive of coexistence with the objective that the work is cared for and not destroyed,” he said.

He indicated that the athlete who is caught doing damage to the Olympic Village will be removed from it, no matter what his or her name is and his or her federation will be notified.

“To this end, we will place surveillance cameras and ask for a weekly report of how the coexistence is recorded in the Olympic Village, located in the Villa Duarte sector, in the municipality of Santo Domingo East.”

Garibaldy Bautista thanks

The president of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), Garibaldy Bautista, thanked the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, for the great gesture of granting 100,000 pesos as incentive to all the athletes who have qualified and those who will qualify later to the Olympic Games, so that they can go to Paris without any kind of mortification.

Likewise, the head of the COD valued the announcement that the Ministry of Sports will soon hand over the apartments of the Olympic Village to the sports federations to house their athletes.

“I totally agree with Minister Camacho that there will be consequences for those who cause damage to the physical plant. All athletes have to take care of the site 24 hours a day, because that is where they will reside,” he said.


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