Punta Cana, DR: 5 gastronomic experiences that will surprise you

With a great variety of ingredients, the gastronomy of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic reflects the traditions and culture in each preparation.

The unique flavors of the gastronomy of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic are integrated in the best dishes with a mixture of techniques from different cultures such as Spanish, Taino and African.

Viajando.travel recommends five preparations that you must try during your visit to this charming destination:

1. Moro

This dish is characterized by its easy preparation where beans (beans), which can be red, red, black, black, white and rice are cooked together.

Some of the main seasonings added to the dish are onion, cilantro, garlic, thyme, among others. A simple but delicious preparation that you must try.

2. Dominican Flag

This is a typical dish of the country, since it is consumed in large quantities by the locals of the Dominican Republic, and Punta Cana is no exception.

Among its ingredients are white rice, stewed meat, beans, fried green plantains and a good portion of salad.

3. Mangú

It is part of the Dominican breakfast par excellence and it is to be expected since its ingredients add a great amount of protein and carbohydrates ideal to start the day with all the energy.

It is prepared with mashed green plantain with a little fried red onion, fried or scrambled eggs, fried white cheese, salami and avocado.

4. Locrio

Its preparation resembles that of a paella, and it is very versatile since a wide variety of ingredients can be used as an alternative.

The base is stewed rice which can be prepared with chicken, seafood, pork, or even a vegetarian locrio is also widely consumed in the region.

5. Pica Pollo

One of the most consumed dishes by the locals, because it is a very practical option to take everywhere.

The chicken is seasoned with lemon juice and breaded to fry it and achieve that crunchy and delicious texture. It is accompanied by patacones or tostones, a special way of preparing fried plantains.

Source: Viajando.travel


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