Abinader inaugurates Pontón bridge in La Vega

President Luis Abinader inaugurated this Saturday the reconstructed bridge of Pontón, in La Vega, whose investment was 467 million, which will facilitate the increase in safety conditions of the massive flow of passenger and cargo transportation between the Cibao region, the capital and the rest of the national territory.

The central words were given by the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención, who explained that this bridge had been showing a progressive degree of deterioration, for which reason the Ministry of Public Works decided to demolish it in view of the serious flaws that could expose it to a total and unexpected collapse, especially because it presented a degree of structural weakness that could cause it to collapse at any moment.

“This magnificent work constitutes a model of structural and architectural design that will set precedents for future bridge and overpass construction projects, not only in the country, but also in Central America and the Caribbean,” said the official.

The work has a length of 50.2 meters, integrated by 3 sections or surface spans, with a width of 26.4 meters, containing 3 lanes in each direction of 3.65 meters wide, in addition to their respective walks of 1 meter on each side, their drainage, signaling and safety bars.

The new structure is supported on 100 excavated piles, with diameters of 0.80 meters and a depth of 23.8 meters, which guarantee the useful life and structural safety of the work for decades of continuous operation of heavy traffic and resistance to seismic events.

The welcome was given by Luisa Altagracia Jiménez Cabreja, governor of La Vega, while the words of thanks were given by Bethania Peña de Viloria, a community member.


Present were Luisa Altagracia Jiménez Cabreja, governor of La Vega; Ramón Rogelio Genao, senator of La Vega; Kelvin Antonio Cruz Cáceres, mayor of La Vega; Agustín Burgos Tejada, deputy of La Vega and José David Pérez Reyes, deputy of La Vega.

Also, Rogelio Alfonso Genao Lanza, deputy of La Vega; Mícalo Bermúdez, contractor; Bethania Peña de Viloria, community member, and the parish priest, Rafael de Jesús Mendoza Guzmán, of the Santísima Trinidad Parish, of Pontón de La Vega.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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