ASIEX and ProDominicana policies to promote investment in the DR

The Dominican Association of Foreign Investment Companies (ASIEX), held a meeting with Biviana Riveiro Disla, executive director of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana), in order to address public policies, challenges and initiatives that make up the agenda of that institution, to promote the development of investment and reinvestment in the nation.

Alejandro Peña Prieto, president of the association, during the meeting expressed that “ASIEX and Prodominicana share the mission of promoting investment in our country and we have been working together in the development of a common agenda to identify and face the challenges and opportunities that affect the attractiveness of our country as an investment destination”. Among the challenges highlighted by the President of ASIEX is the creation of the single investment window, an element that he considered fundamental to promote greater efficiency in the State’s processes and the streamlining of investment projects.

During the ASIEX meeting, the executive director of ProDominicana emphasized that “the Government of President Luis Abinader, through ProDominicana, has worked tirelessly to create initiatives that encourage the attraction of new capital to the Dominican Republic and to promote the reinvestment of existing capital, through various public policies aimed at promoting efficient state processes, including the digitalization of the Foreign Direct Investment Registry, the Law on Regulatory Improvement and Simplification of Processes, which includes the zero bureaucracy program and will create a one-stop investment window; modernization of the Law on Incentives for the Border Zone, among others. ”

Similarly, he highlighted the high importance of foreign direct investment present in the country, considering that foreign investment companies link the economy with global value chains, facilitate the improvement of the economy, generating foreign exchange, formal jobs and technology transfer; and have an impact on the country’s exports.

Ms. Riveiro announced that said institution will soon launch the foreign trade institute, a training platform aimed at meeting the needs of foreign investment companies that require technical training in specialized areas, due to the work they do.

In addition, he highlighted the challenges we must face to promote greater investment attraction and growth of existing investments, through “continuing the simplification of processes, ensuring fluidity in business management, reducing barriers and obstacles, fostering an environment conducive to business and discouraging actions that permeate the stability of investments.”

For ASIEX, the adoption of public policies that promote a sustainable development of investments and guarantee legal security is a priority for the foreign investment companies represented in the institution, which are multinationals highly responsible with the compliance of regulations and the generation of jobs and wealth for the country.
for the country.

ASIEX congratulated the executive director of ProDominicana and the entire team of the institution, for the results and progress achieved in the management, while reiterating its commitment to continue working hand in hand with this instance to continue promoting sustainable investment and reinvestment of capital in the Dominican Republic.

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