INFOTEP expands tourism and hospitality training offerings

The general director of the National Institute of Technical Professional Training (INFOTEP), Rafael Santos Badía, emphasized that with the installation of the modern Mirabal Sisters Technological Center, the institution is creating the conditions to transform the lives of the people of that province, where more than 30 careers related to tourism are offered.

He said that the center is a reality, thanks to President Luis Abinader, who requested its installation, as part of his strategy to expand and strengthen technical training.

He indicated that the facilities will teach the occupations of gastronomy, pastry, confectionery, accounting, computer, secretarial, language and pharmacy, while the Mirabal Sisters Center, offers training in all areas demanded by the hotel and tourism sectors.

“Today we are facing this reality, in this place different from all the INFOTEP centers, because here we are prepared to train for a career in community tourism, which is a somewhat different kind of tourism than the one that takes place on the beaches, because here we are at the foot of the northern mountain range and therefore we have the possibility of working with the environment,” said Santos Badía.

He said that the center has four offices and thirty-two rooms to provide practical training in hotel management to the participants. In addition, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, television technicians and lifeguards are being trained.

He pointed out that students from Samaná, Las Terrenas, Río San Juan, Gaspar Hernández and San Francisco de Macorís come to the Centro Tecnológico Hermanas Mirabal because a special characteristic of the province is that it is equidistant from almost all the towns of the Cibao.

He claimed that these facilities are opening the door to the future of the region, because behind this center investors are coming and in a few months several free zone companies will open here.

Santos Badía also said that he began his administration in the province with only mobile workshops and today he has this great center and two others ready to be inaugurated, one located in the Municipal District of Blanco Arriba and the other in the Montellano section.

Santos Badía announced that INFOTEP will soon inaugurate the Hotel and Tourism school in Barahona, in the Guarocuya hotel and another in Sabana de la Mar, where tourism is being developed.

“We are going to build a center in Pepillo Salcedo for technical training services and we have the Hotel School in the old Naranjo hotel in Higüey,” he added.

He maintained that, in the Cibao Sur region, there is a modern and large center in Bonao, built with the support of the government headed by Luis Abinader. This is the Alfredo Pérez Vargas Technical Professional Center 4.0, specialized in Agrometeorology, Food Safety 4.0, Irrigation and Drainage 4.0, Aquaculture, Forestry, Environmental Care, Environmental Process Control and Precision Agriculture,

The INFOTEP director recalled that when he began his administration in 2020 INFOTEP had only 7 at the national level. “Now we have 38. In addition, we have seven that should be inaugurated between February and March, he specified.

Santos Badía referred to the subject while participating in the program Hoy Mismo, hosted by communicators Luisín Mejía, Dany Alcántara, Freddy Sandoval and Johanna Valenzuela, in a special broadcast from the aforementioned Technological Center, in Hermanas Mirabal province.


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