Sandals Hotel to invest in DR due to its great tourism potential

Sandals Hotel will invest in the DR because of its great tourism potential

The hotel chain’s CEO, Gebhard Rainer, said its goal is to remain competitive in the all-inclusive segment.

“We have set our eyes on the Dominican Republic because it is one of the destinations with the most tourism in the Caribbean and where we are not present,” he added.

Likewise, Rainer pointed out the importance of Mexico’s destinations, as his clients are always looking for new places to rest.

“The hotel company is attentive to the opportunities presented by the market, that is to say, they are aware of those assets that have difficulties to make those conversions, what they call “Sandalize” a property, as Costar says,” the executive emphasized.

He emphasized that the luxury all-inclusive business not only competes with the local market, but also at a global level because the travelers who pay in this luxury segment are world travelers, that is, they have visited other international destinations and can compare standards.

It is recalled that a commission of executives of the hotel company visited the country last 2022, where they visited the attractions of Punta Cana and Las Terranas, and also traveled to other developing tourist destinations such as Pedernales and Miches.

The visit by the hoteliers, there was the president of Sandals, Adam Stewart, together with President Luis Abinader, had a very clear objective: to look for possible investment opportunities that have so far failed to materialize.



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