Supérate and DGAPP graduate more than 40 women

The Supérate social program and the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP) graduated 41 women from the “Super Entrepreneurs” project being developed in Pedernales, an initiative that generates training and support actions for the benefit of the participants.

The general director of Supérate, Gloria Reyes, and the executive director of the DGAPP and representative of the Pro-Pedernales Trust, Sigmund Freund, presented the certificates to the participants, after successfully completing their training in various areas.

In offering a few words, Director Gloria Reyes emphasized that thanks to these technical training programs for women, young people and the general population, employment or entrepreneurial opportunities are created to generate income.

“And that is what we have been working on. That is why today we are graduating 41 super entrepreneurial women from Pedernales. These are women who, after a year of training in leadership, life projects, business ideas and ways to develop a sales plan, are now capable of becoming the new small businesswomen of this region,” said Reyes.

For his part, Sigmund Freund pointed out that with this first graduation of women from Pedernales “we are setting new horizons in the development of opportunities that will allow us to reduce female poverty, which is the same as saying that we are reducing family poverty”.

He pointed out that the fact that more than 40 women are graduating from this important program and thus preparing themselves for what is to come, is the best example that the vision of President Luis Abinader is producing results in the short term.

“I feel very honored and proud to be able to participate hand in hand with Gloria in this program that has impacted the entire country,” said the official, highlighting the great work that Supérate does in favor of the neediest people, especially women.

For one year, the training focused on topics such as: Getting to know me, Life plan, self-esteem and family, Peaceful conflict resolution, Care and image of your business, Financial education and entrepreneurship, Business model, Leadership, Teamwork, Digital marketing, Digitalization of payments, Orange and Green Economy, as well as Self-management.

Participants also received training from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MICM), the National Council for the Promotion and Support of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Promipyme) and the Visa and MIO payment channels. The 16 most outstanding graduates received a tablet, courtesy of VISA.



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