Arajet : la vertu d’être née en période de prospérité stimule son expansion

Arajet, after the bankruptcies of Ultra Air, Interjet and Viva Colombia, became the most successful Latin air project, for which it benefited from the fact that its expansion has coincided at a time of great demand for flights, which allowed it to increase its expansion ambitions, and the confidence of financiers and aircraft owners.

The executive president of Arajet, Víctor Pacheco Méndez, expressed his confidence that the Dominican Republic will achieve the open skies agreement with the United States in the future, as it would lower the costs of air flights for Dominicans residing in the North American country, as well as for tourists arriving for vacations.

Likewise, he added that the projection of the operator that currently has 24 routes, is to fly to 57 destinations and that 17 of these would be in the United States, but that they have a limitation because the treaty has not been signed: “we have our fingers crossed because Arajet wants to go to the diaspora to our friends, when the treaty exists, the route time will be shorter”.

“I feel that the government is a pro-open skies actor and I also feel that, politically, there is a unification here, because I have also heard people from the opposition who want the treaty. Open skies means no monopoly, opening of the market”, said the businessman (Arajet: flights to the Dominican Republic cost 400 USD and we reduced it to 275 USD).

Arajet, backed by Bain Capital, is taking steps to become a threat to Copa’s hub in Panama, since it already connects from the Dominican Republic to destinations such as Santiago de Chile and Montreal or Toronto, unlike other airline projects in the area such as Jetsmart, Flybondy or Sky, which due to their origin in the southern cone have more difficult to connect from the center of the American continent to its northern and southern hemispheres, as reported.


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