Collado announces he is working on promoting “Dominicana Bachata”

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, said this Monday that he is working to promote bachata at the international level through “dominicana bachata” and assured that in every part of the world, this autonomous musical rhythm of the Dominican Republic will be talked about.

He indicated that this is a first “and we do not sell that, but the time has come for evolution and it is that we are known in the world for merengue and bachata”.

It is recalled that bachata is a dance music genre born in the Dominican Republic in the early 60s. Influenced by rhythms such as bolero, Cuban son or Mexican and Puerto Rican trios, it was generally accompanied by nostalgic lyrics that spoke of love and heartbreak of its protagonists.

It is currently one of the most popular Latin genres in the world, even more so than salsa or merengue.

Collado also emphasized that the time has come to promote sports, cultural, gastronomic and historical tourism with the Colonial City and to have luxury tourism “we are talking with the big hotel chains to have luxury tourism”.

He informed that Casa de Campo has just finished 64 rooms and one of them costs 14 thousand dollars and was occupied all winter.

He recalled that the governor of the Central Bank has expressed that the DR economy is more than 30% on tourism, so the issue of tourism recovery must be taken very seriously.

David Collado participated in the program Matinal, which is broadcasted on Telemicro channel 5, where he expressed that every Dominican should always think about the country brand of the Dominican Republic.

Touching on the subject of citizen insecurity and social protests occurring in the country, the Minister of Tourism said that he believes in free expression and democracy, but understands that complaints and strikes must be made organized and peaceful, with a view to not damaging the image of the Dominican Republic, which is at its best moment.

He also bet on sustainable tourism, where the tourist can empathize with Dominicans, who visit and get to know our culture, our essence.


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