Abinader expects foreign investment to reach 400 million dollars

While participating in the inauguration of a new luxury hotel in Cayo Levantado, with an investment of 50 million euros, and which will generate more than 500 direct jobs in this province, the president said that last year foreign investments were 4.1 billion dollars and this year they are going for 4.3 billion, so it is predicted that they will end in 4.4 billion dollars.

The governor thanked the Piñero Group for promoting tourism and providing jobs to 7,000 Dominicans. At the recently closed convention of the National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP), the president of the entity assured that next year’s investment in this sector will exceed US$30 billion.

The president of CONEP, Juan Celso Marranzini, assured that this is possible because of the confidence and the economic stability that exists in the country for the private sector to continue being the engine of growth of the Dominican Republic.

The governor recognized the heart and passion that the Piñero family has put into business, and said that this is what is important when you put your heart and passion into business, since not only good business comes out, but also good projects for the community and its people.

He emphasized that this hotel is an example of sustainable development with the environment, where the environment can be cared for and protected and at the same time developed economically from the tourism point of view.

The president said that through the government will continue to support these initiatives of responsible growth for the country, which represents an example for the present and for the future.

“We will continue to develop our hotels, we will continue to support our industries always with the protection of the environment,” said the president.

The hotel integrates 218 rooms to the offer

Investment. The inaugurated resort has 218 rooms and marks a significant milestone four months after its opening and an investment of more than 50 million euros.

Through its Ritmo Escondido concept, it seeks to position itself as a benchmark in luxury tourism in the Caribbean region, highlighting three fundamental pillars of sustainability: wellness, promotion of local culture and preservation of the natural environment.

During the inauguration, the authorities had the opportunity to tour the facilities.

Source: Mitur.gob.do

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