Abinader inaugurates UASD extension in Yamasá

President Luis Abinader inaugurated on Wednesday an extension of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in the municipality of Yamasá, Monte Plata province.

The new university sub-center will facilitate access to quality public higher education to thousands of students from the communities of Los Botados, Hato Viejo, Peralvillo, Mamá Tingó and Don Juan, in said municipality.

Editrudis Beltrán, UASD Rector

For his part, the rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Editrudis Beltrán, highlighted the cost optimization plan implemented at the UASD since the first day of his administration, which has allowed the new sub-center to be set up with its own funds.

“This achievement is also being possible thanks to the President’s intention to give us these facilities, where the La Hispaniola Training Center used to operate, today converted into a center of intellectual life, at the service of the change of the future, which are our young people”, said Beltrán.

Beltrán also added that, with the support of the Government, the UASD is undergoing the greatest expansion process in its history while at the same time it is getting closer and closer to its people.

On the other hand, the director of the General Directorate of Community Development (DGDC), Eléxido Paula Liranzo, thanked President Luis Abinader for the vision to build this UASD sub-center for the benefit of the youth of Yamasá.

“All this means a transformation in our CDI Hispaniola, to consequently continue transforming and lifting Monte Plata out of poverty, a town forgotten by many governments and a town that has received and continues to receive the strong support of our president,” said Paula Liranzo.

Yamasá Sub-center

The new sub-center includes in its facilities an administrative building with Admissions and Student Welfare offices, all as part of a transformation carried out in record time and with UASD’s own funds.

Present were the Minister of Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt), Franklin García Fermín; the directors of the Airport Department, Víctor Pichardo; of the UASD Yamasá Subcenter, Ramírez Luciano, and of the Institute of Innovation in Biotechnology and Industry, Osmar Olivo.

Also, the Superintendent of Insurance, Josefa Castillo; the governor of the province of Monte Plata, Rafaela Javier; Senator Lenín Valdez; the mayor, Altagracia Herrera, and the mayor of Yamasá, Ramón de los Santos, among other authorities.

Fuente: presidencia.gov.do

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