Abinader says he will not accept changes on presidential election in a reform to the Constitution

President Luis Abinader assured that in the dialogue with the national leadership to begin tomorrow, Monday, he will not accept or support any change to the Constitution regarding the presidential election.

In a correspondence sent to Rafael Toribio, president of the Economic and Social Council (CES), who will coordinate the dialogue, Abinader explains that “it is time to talk about the problems of the people and not about ourselves; that is what I am calling you to, and for that I ask for your collaboration.”

“Any partisan or personal aspirations, or those that are not of priority interest for the country as a whole at this moment, are excluded from this reform”, emphasized the president.

The head of state said that in the meeting with the national leadership, his agenda of structural reforms will be discussed, which includes some that are already underway and others that he will promote from this process.

He indicated that he is willing to discuss, together with the Constitutional reform, a reform of transparency and institutionalism; the reform of the electricity sector; the water, the National Police, the modernization of the State; the quality of education, social security, among other issues.

“Modernizing the Dominican Republic is a task for everyone, which requires work and generosity. That is why I want to dwell on something fundamental before starting this process of dialogue”, he added.

In this sense he was categorical in pointing out that the debate on the constitutional reform, which will be addressed in the dialogue, will always be under three inalienable principles, which are to guarantee the separation of powers, to balance the redistribution of functions of the public administrations and to consolidate the commitment of the democratic exercise by virtue of popular sovereignty.

He added in his letter that the Government is determined for the Dominican Republic to take an irreversible step towards institutionality, modernity and the consolidation of democracy and to achieve this he counts on the whole country to accomplish this noble and ambitious purpose.

He recalled that last August 18, in his speech to the nation, he announced the purpose of summoning the entire national leadership to agree together on this new stage of changes and transformation that the country demands.

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