Academy of Sciences asks to respect protected areas in Cabo Rojo

The Academy of Sciences of the DR (ACRD), welcomed the arrival of the first tourist cruise ship in Cabo Rojo, Pedernales, however, asked to respect the regulations of the protected areas.

He indicated that one of the reasons to be “celebrating” the arrival of the cruise ship is that in 2004, the Academy of Sciences presented to the then President of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía, its proposal for the development of the Tourist City Bahía de las Águilas, located totally outside the protected areas existing at that time, betting on the development of Pedernales and the conservation of the natural patrimony.

He recalled that by the year 2020, President Luis Abinader, promised to develop Bahía de las Águilas -Pedernales and the Lake Region, respecting the protected areas, “a mission that he has so far fulfilled with the opening yesterday of the Port of CaboRojo and the arrival of the first tourist cruise ship to the area.”

“What is certain is that this is a historic event, because Pedernales has not only been far away in terms of distance, but socially and economically, submerged in the dust and destitution in which Alcoa and Ideal Dominicana left it, since the only source of wealth was encrypted in the exploitation of bauxite and limestone rock, for export purposes,” the Academy said in a statement.

It said that now it has given a total turn to its vision of the future and its development lever is oriented towards tourism and this activity is based on superlative landscapes and recreational activities, such as sun and beach tourism, in pristine or untouched environments.

“The ACRD expresses that Pedernales knew that Bahía de las Águilas would be its mainstay of development, but accused the conservationists of castrating tourism, by not allowing the development of hotel tourism on the small sandy wall that contains the paradise of blue-green waters of this immense beach of 8 kilometers long, where six are of the highest quality for bathing, spiritual solace and the sensation of feeling and living immersed in a virgin and pristine nature”, they add.

He indicated that these are the social motivations and the economic limitations that the Academy of Sciences had to value in order to promote a tourist development based on the sustainability, to take care of the most valuable treasures, “because these would be the indispensable riches to reach the progress and the future of these towns of the Enriquillo Region”.

“Tourism is a non-consumptive activity of natural resources, which only requires planning, a vision of sustainability and clear policies on what is sought, what is to be achieved and, above all, the social and economic emancipation of the human being, who for so long has been absent from progress and technology,” added the ACRD.

The scientific institution expressed that now it is necessary to pay attention to regulations, the establishment of rules, actions to guarantee social equity and the harmonious coexistence of tourism with the protection of the environment, biodiversity and natural resources.

“It is necessary that the Ministry of Environment becomes aware of the responsibility that comes upon it, as the governing body of the protected areas, since Pedernales has 69% of its territory in National Parks, National Recreation Areas, Biosphere Reserve and Wetlands of International Importance,” he says.

The Academy of Sciences offered its scientific support to the ongoing development management and to push for “things to go well”, based on the search for development with a human face, conservation and the future of Pedernales.


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