Airline begins operations between Buenos Aires and DR

The CEO of the Dominican company Arajet, Víctor Pacheco Méndez, said today that the arrival of the company in Argentina is aimed at “strengthening connections” between Buenos Aires, Mexico, the United States and Canada, based on “the hub we have in Santo Domingo”.

In statements to Télam, Pacheco Méndez pointed out that “we know that the Dominican Republic is mainly a tourist destination, especially Punta Cana and Bávaro, but Santo Domingo is a very important trade center in the Caribbean and with the hub we have installed there, we are trying to act as a bridge so that both Argentines can access Mexico, the United States and Canada, and the inhabitants of those countries can reach Argentina at more affordable prices than those of regular companies”.

“We were born -he said- with the philosophy of democratizing aviation in America. Before we started with Arajet in September 2022, there were routes flying with an average price of U$S 400 per leg, and now that we are starting with the proposal of U$S 175 for the same trip, competitors are already offering their tickets at U$S 275”.

He clarified that they do not identify themselves as “a low cost airline, but as a low price airline. The difference is that we are similar to the low cost in the standardization of the model and in how services are sold, since everything (seat selection, hold luggage, food on board) is extra to the price of the ticket”.

However, he points out the differences in that they make “connections with the same aircraft and we have 138 connections throughout America, simplifying operations by using a single type of aircraft that is more efficient and that allows us to have economy of scale and even fuel savings, which helps to lower prices”.

Regarding the service they will provide as of November, he says that they will have “Economy and Premium Economy cabins (where the middle seat is not occupied). For now, our airplanes have a normal recline and, as of 2024, the new ones will bring more comfort”, the Dominican businessman clarifies.

Arajet is the first low-cost airline in the Caribbean region and began operations in September 2022 from its base at Las Americas Airport in Santo Domingo and has a fleet of 5 Boeing 737MAX-8 aircraft.

The inaugural flight between Santo Domingo and Buenos Aires will be departing on November 14 from the Caribbean capital, landing in Ezeiza on November 15, when it will return to the Dominican Republic, and there will be 3 flights per week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, offering more than 120 connections between North, Central and South America. (Télam)



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