Dominican Republic was ranked 46 of 204 in Olympic Games 2012

Dominican athletes to come back to the country

The Dominican Republic was ranked as the 46 country of 204 in the world after winning a gold medal and a silver medal and is one of the 14 countries of the 42, who managed to win medals during the Olympic Games 2012.

Dominican Olympic medalists Félix Sánchez and Luguelin Santos are due back in the country at 6:00 p.m. this evening, together with the rest of the delegation following their historic feats at the London Olympic Games which ended yesterday. They will be welcomed by Sports Minister Felipe Payano and Dominican Olympic Committee president Luisin Mejia Oviedo.

The organizers are expecting a large crowd to welcome the gold and silver medal winners and the other athletes in the delegation as “true sporting heroes”.

Tae Kwon Do athlete Gabriel Mercedes, who suffered a serious injury during the competitions and the women’s volleyball team which placed sixth in the competition, will be among the returning athletes.

There will be a press reception at the Las Américas International Airport VIP Lounge before their trip back to the capital along Avenida Las Américas until they arrive at Plaza Juan Barón on the Malecón, where a large crowd will be waiting for the medalists.

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