Feda and Dominican Consulate in Antwerp announce international trade fair

The Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA) and the Dominican Consulate in Antwerp, Belgium, announced the Belgium Dominicana 2023 fair to promote exports of agricultural and livestock products from the country.

The announcement was made at a press conference, headed by FEDA’s deputy director, Irma Rondón, and the Dominican consul in Antwerp, Carlos George Encarnación.

The Belgium Dominicana Trade and Expo will be held from September 10 to 2 of this year, in Antwerp, Belgium.

This event will be for the commercial exchange between Belgium and the Dominican Republic, where food and beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical products will be traded.

In addition, textiles and clothing, technology and electronics, digital services, tourism, agribusiness and agricultural products, renewable energy, construction and infrastructure, financial services, health and welfare, as well as education and training will be traded.

The fair will have 40 stands available for those interested in exhibiting their products, and international conferences will be held with experts in the areas of tourism, investment, trade, innovation, industry and agriculture.

These conferences offer a unique opportunity to explore the fundamental pillars of growth and discover new perspectives on trends and opportunities in the Dominican and Belgian markets.

There will also be an artistic exhibition with Caribbean touches, and Dominican and Belgian agribusinessmen and entrepreneurs interested in commercial exchange will participate in this fair.

Source: Elnuevodiario.com

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