Government delivers definitive titles to 275 beneficiaries in Hato Mayor

In a ceremony presided over by the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría, the Government, through the Technical Executing Unit for the Titling of State Land (UTECT) and the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), delivered this Wednesday the definitive titles to 275 people who occupied land belonging to the Dominican State.
The new owners of lots and houses cover 271,163.2 square meters and had built their houses there, on lands that correspond to the communities of La China, Villa Navarro, La Jagua, La Palmilla and Villa Vilorio.

“We can qualify the titling of State land as one of the main public policies implemented by the Dominican Government and, as our President Luis Abinader says, land ownership is a fundamental pillar in the construction of a prosperous and just country,” said Santos Echavarría when addressing the beneficiaries.

He highlighted that by the end of 2023, the current government administration had delivered 88,727 definitive titles and so far this year, more than 6,000 certificates of title have been delivered.

The executive director of the UTECT, Duarte Méndez, said that the 275 families are part of the 547 families with whom they have been working to provide them with their titles and that these executions have implied a cost of RD 43,760,000 assumed entirely by the Government.

Meanwhile, Guillermo García, director of the IAD, said that the titles that are now in the hands of the municipalities of the area, have a direct impact on 1,100 people who now enjoy the status of owners, which is a step towards overcoming poverty.

The beneficiaries thanked the Government for the issuance of the legal documentation that makes them owners of their lots and houses.


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