Government to install “De vuelta al Barrio” on Sunday in SDO

On Sunday, authorities, businessmen, priests, pastors, community and sports leaders will install the program “De Vuelta al Barrio”, in Santo Domingo Oeste, on the Boulevard de Los Famosos.

On that stage, Sergeant Aquilino Antonio Gonell, a Dominican police officer in Washington, will tell his story, after 12 years in the U.S. Army and 16 as an agent on Capitol Hill, recognized with the gold medal by the Congress of that nation and President Joe Biden, for confronting the incident at the seat of the legislative branch in November 2020.

During a planning meeting, the Minister of Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, informed that the whole assembly is coordinated to set in motion the strategy, whose objective is to rescue young people from vices and delinquency and to teach them about social values and civic coexistence.

He said that this municipality was chosen because it deserves special attention in relation to the issue of crime and delinquency, for which reason the State has set its sights on this jurisdiction. He also said that as soon as they start, they will meet with the Security, Citizenship and Gender Roundtable.

He stated that they will train community leaders to mediate conflicts, since coexistence is one of the greatest difficulties, so it is important to intervene in problems before they go to court or the worst happens.

He indicated that for the organization the participation of the whole community is fundamental in this effort to give back to the neighborhoods their true essence and rescue the lost values. He emphasized the need for the neighborhood councils, the churches and the sports leagues to defend their sectors.

During the ceremony, the mayor, José Andújar, gave motivating words, defining as transcendental the performance that promotes the development, especially of the youth, and brings tranquility and well-being to the districts.

Meanwhile, Julio Francisco Morales Gilberto spoke on behalf of the community and expressed his confidence that this initiative will result in progress for the area and will improve relations among its inhabitants.

Also present were sports immortal Eduardo Gómez; the director of Human Resources of the ministry, José Payano Sánchez; the vice-minister of Arms and Ammunition, Aníbal Amparo; the vice-minister of Sports, Franklin de la Mota, and the public prosecutor, Eduardo López, as well as Gilberto de la Cruz, president of the Association of Sports Clubs, and Domingo Almánzar, of the Baseball Association.

Also, Enrique Marcelino Méndez, president of the Sports Union of Ensanche Altagracia; journalist Danesa Reinoso; young Batista Serrano, from the Buenas Noches sector; Wellington Hernández, from Café de Herrera; Carlos Calderón and Elvio Carrasco, from kilometer 8 of the Sánchez highway, and pastor José Miguel Pelier Suriel. All said they are prepared to participate in the event.


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