Grupo Popular contributes equipment to modernize COE’s tasks

Grupo Popular contributed in kind several pieces of monitoring equipment for the Emergency Operations Center (COE), valued at DR$1.5 million.

With this equipment, the organization will be able to continue improving its work of orientation, prevention and mitigation of natural disasters for the benefit of the population throughout the country.

The contribution to the entity in charge of coordination and response to emergencies and disasters in the Dominican Republic consisted of a set of computers, 75-inch LED monitors and other devices.

Grupo Popular’s executive vice-president of Public Relations and Communications, José Mármol, participated in the delivery ceremony on behalf of Grupo Popular, together with other executives, who emphasized that the financial entity is “highly satisfied” with the disaster mitigation work carried out by the COE for the benefit of the population.

The material contribution was received by the director of the COE, Brigadier General Dr. Juan M. Méndez, who, together with his team of close collaborators, thanked and positively valued the continuous contribution of Grupo Popular to the entity for its modernization and better service to the citizens and the country.


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