Hector Acosta, el “Torito” wins Soberano Prize

Miriam Cruz and Anthony Santos also won

With the highest award of the Soberano Prizes, Hector Acosta, el “Torito”, crowns his career in a gala ceremony that ended after midnight, and in whose staged proposal achieved agile moments, in a production that for moments lost its rhythm.

Acosta thanked his family and the Lord for the support he has received and he dedicated his prize to the Dominican team that won the World Baseball Classic.

The veteran Acosta didn’t hide his excitement upon receiving the award during the National Theatre gala that lasted well after midnight.

“This is an award that the country and my family should be enjoying. I want to thank God who has given me the opportunity”, Acosta said.

  • Orchestra of the year- Miriam Cruz
  • Typical band- Giovanny Polanco
  • Arrangement- Víctor Waill
  • Composer- Ramón Orlando
  • Bachata- Anthony Santos
  • Actress- Karina Noble
  • Musical- “Man of la Mancha” – Fidel López
  • Daily variety program- Chévere Nights
  • Humor program- Boca de Piano es un show
  • Newscaster- Diurka Pérez

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