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Grupo Mentora – Progrentis began its world tour of educational innovation “Emerging Education” in the Dominican Republic, with the participation of international experts, who gave workshops and conferences to directors, teachers and academic coordinators of public and private educational centers, with the aim of continuing to positively impact education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The training event, held at the Catalonia Santo Domingo hotel and in Santiago, seeks to promote the purpose of education and shape the future of schools with the help of educational leaders as agents of change in education.


Speakers: Emilio Torres, expert in educational methodologies and technologies; Javier Torres, Master in management and direction of educational centers; Javier Romero, expert in neuromotricity and motor coordination; José Ramón Gamo, specialist in language and child neuropsychology. They were accompanied by the main executives of the international corporation, Octavio Morán and Antonio Recinos, regional general manager and commercial director of Grupo Mentora, respectively, for the Dominican Republic.

Hotel CataloniaMore than three hundred participants from different schools updated their knowledge with new tools and resources for their application in the classroom with students, including practices on innovation and updating of educational processes; learning with the whole body and not only with the head; music as an accelerator and memory enhancer; how to combine new technological advances in the management and development of educational centers; and the use of artificial intelligence applied to education with the evolution of human intelligence. is an online educational methodology for public and private educational centers that, through exercises, challenges and brain retraining challenges, maximizes students’ capabilities and skills, providing them with a more robust exit profile for the demands of the Digital Age.

It operates in 17 countries and contributes to develop the main global skills necessary for the student, thus increasing cognitive development and meaningful learning. It has more than 250,000 users in Latin America, both in the public and private sectors. In the Dominican Republic it has 15,000 users in more than 60 educational institutions.


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