Minister of Economy receives courtesy visit from Canada’s ambassador to the country

The Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Pável Isa Contreras, received a courtesy visit from the Canadian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Christine Laberge.

The minister and the diplomat talked about the actions that contribute to the strengthening of bilateral ties between the two nations.

During the exchange, they reiterated their interest in the water issue, through an investment project in the Haina River on sustainable energy, based on Canada’s experience.

They also highlighted the contributions made for sanitation in Santo Domingo Oeste, through the Project for the rescue, rehabilitation and urbanization of the Cañada de Guajimía, which is being executed with a loan of US$83 million granted to the country by the Canadian government.

The ambassador said that Canada has a wide experience and investment in the country in the industrial sectors, for which she expressed the opportunity to consolidate an academic offer for the training of labor in this area.

He also expressed Canada’s vast experience in labor migration issues, a practice that can be offered to the country, in the context of the MiFronteraRD Development Strategy, led by the Directorate of Development of the Border Zone of the Ministry of Economy.

Also present at the meeting from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development were Olaya Dotel Caraballo, Vice Minister of International Cooperation; Clara Aquino Smester, Director General of Bilateral Cooperation, and Erick Dorrejo, Director of Border Zone Development Policies, as well as Regis Batista, Commercial Delegate of the Canadian Embassy in the country.

Cooperative Relations

Diplomatic relations between Canada and the Dominican Republic were established in 1954. The two countries maintain a good relationship that allows them to collaborate in areas such as security and governance.

Canada provides assistance and support to the Dominican Republic through multilateral programs and the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives, which is administered directly by the Canadian Embassy in Santo Domingo.

Thematic areas of work include climate change, economic growth, employment, institutions, gender, risk management, among others.


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