Ministry of Labor transforms the lives of young people with their first job

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps García, held a meeting with young people and companies participating in the Youth Employability Program carried out by the Ministry of Labor.

The initiative, launched in 2021, has proven to be a key driver in transforming the lives of young Dominicans by empowering them with the necessary tools to build a prosperous future and thus contribute to the sustainable growth of the Dominican Republic.

In the last three years, the program has impacted more than 1,270 young people, who achieved their first formal employment in the more than 30 companies that have joined this initiative, while another 580 young people were hired on a temporary basis.

During the conversation, President Luis Abinader affirmed that “with this program only the country wins, Dominican society wins and improves the work environment and the quality of life of each of its communities”.

The president said that the government encourages the employment of young people, but without taking jobs away from older people. For this reason, Youth Employability, as a great example of the program, will be improved and its scope will be doubled.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labor emphasized that the active participation of companies has been key to the success of the initiative, demonstrating the commitment of the private sector in building a solid, sustainable work environment that directly benefits the youngest citizens.

“We thank all the companies represented here and hope to continue developing relationships so that this Youth Employability program can continue to multiply and more young people can benefit from it.”

He added that, thanks to the policies implemented since the present government administration, these programs are beginning to have more impact, with the number of young people entering the labor market and, according to their testimonies, achieving their first job.

He highlighted that the initiative is part of “RD Trabaja”, a program that involves a strategic approach, with which the needs of the labor market have been identified and the training of workers has been coordinated to meet those needs in the short, medium and long term.

“We have reinforced our commitment to inclusive labor insertion, eliminating barriers and prejudices that hinder labor access and promotion and it is a vision that has been joined by various central government entities and private companies, with the purpose of continuing to contribute to the economic and social development of the Dominican Republic,” said De Camps.

Currently, “RD Trabaja” has 12,524 active companies and 652,650 active candidates in the program, while the Ministry has held 375 job fairs, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the program in creating job opportunities throughout the country. In total, “RD Trabaja” has benefited more than 519,734 people nationwide.


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