North Americans and Canadians: Represent 67% of visitors

Between January and February, 1,498,061 tourists of different nationalities arrived in the country, with North Americans and Canadians representing 67% of the total number of visitors during these first two months.

From the United States 540,911 arrived, which reflects a participation of 41.5% of the total number of tourists, and from Canada 331,974 arrived, 25.5%.

America y Canada
An American Canadian flag waving in the wind

These two nationalities are followed by Argentines with 45,304 visitors (3.5%), Colombians with 44,688 (3.4%) and French with 39,856 (3.1%).

According to Central Bank statistics, in 2023 the RD managed to attract more visitors by air than countries of greater territorial extension such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, among others.

From emerging and secondary markets, the arrival of tourists from Mexico (3,891), Chile (2,929), Puerto Rico (2,166) and others stand out.

According to the Monthly Report of Tourist Flows published by the Central Bank, 86.8% of visitors to the country come for recreation or vacation, and 80% of these tourists prefer to stay in hotels.

Of these tourists, 48.5% are between 21 and 49 years of age, and 51.3% are women, while 48.7% are men.


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