Abinader and ADETI: Real estate tourism plans

Executives of the Dominican Association of Tourism Real Estate Companies (ADETI), represented by its president Eduardo Read and executive director, Michael Lugo, met with President Luis Abinader at the National Palace to share ideas and plans on the vision of tourism-oriented real estate development in the country.

Turismo InmobiliarioThe institutional meeting with President Abinader, which was also attended by ministers Joel Santos and David Collado, opened a line of communication in order to share topics of interest in the real estate tourism sector, as a source of great impetus for new investments in recent years, which represents important contributions to the national economy, according to a press release.

The meeting was an exceptional opportunity to also learn about the main elements that would integrate future management plans and exchange ideas to continue with the development and growth of real estate tourism, as part of the diversification of the country’s tourism industry.

Source: Arecoa.com

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