President Abinader attends groundbreaking ceremony for Punta Cana airport expansion and construction of logistics center; will generate 7,000 new jobs

President Luis Abinader reiterated this Sunday his call to national and foreign investors to invest in the Dominican Republic and affirmed that this government will support projects that improve the quality of life of all Dominicans, as long as they respect the laws and the Constitution of the country.

During the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a logistics center and the expansion of the Punta Cana airport, the President highlighted the importance of the project.

The project will generate more than seven thousand jobs and will have an investment of US$280 million.

“I reiterate that this is the time to invest in the Dominican Republic. Today I say it with much more certainty and security. Today is the best time to invest in the country. Today we are open to investment to create jobs, to improve each one of our services and to promote each one of our sectors. Let us all work together, so that no one is left behind in this progress, development and growth”, said the President.

These statements were made by the head of state when he headed, together with the Punta Cana group, the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Punta Cana Free Trade Zone (PCFTZ), a logistics center, air, maritime, land and free zone park, as well as the expansion of Terminal B of the Punta Cana Airport.

“Where it is going to be created, where Dominican families can live with dignity, this government will be there supporting them from the beginning, facilitating investments with transparency”, said the governor.

He pointed out that record investments are arriving to the country and that this is due to the confidence and the great opportunities that the present government administration offers.

President Abinader considered that with this new project “we are at the forefront of the logistics sector”.

“The objective of this government is to improve the quality of life of the people and that is achieved by working with businessmen and professionals. We have to work in a united country. Only a united country in the history of economic development achieves its objectives,” said the president.

President Abinader, in his speech, said that this is one of the most important infrastructure works and will project the Dominican Republic as a first class international logistics hub.

He considered that with the beginning of these projects the Dominican Republic is betting in a decisive way for the dynamization of the economy of the whole region and the growth of the whole country.

On his side, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado emphasized that with the construction of this new project, the private sector shows the credibility that President Abinader has.

He also congratulated the Rainieri family for continuing to contribute to the country and Dominican families.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ito Bisonó indicated that the work that begins today is a great dream that will bring great benefits to the country.

“What begins today is the result of a great vision of years of work of the Punta Cana Group, which has met with an administration like that of our President Luis Abinader-Corona, dedicated body and soul in making the right decisions, without bureaucracy, generating confidence, national and international investors who see the Dominican Republic with new eyes, a country that guarantees them a platform with clear rules, to safely carry out large projects in the shortest possible time,” said Bisonó.

He said that this logistics center will take advantage of the connectivity that exists today with some 300 cities in the world from the Punta Cana International Airport with a Free Trade Zone, an aircraft repair and maintenance center and a fuel center.

In his turn, the president and CEO of the Punta Cana Group, Frank Elías Rainieri, expressed that they have been faithful to their commitment to work for the economic and social progress of the country.

“Through the Punta Cana Free Trade Zone and the expansion of Terminal B of the Punta Cana International Airport, we present two initiatives that project the vision of the future with which we are betting on the development of the country. We continue to imagine more,” said Frank Elías Rainieri.

He also added that “Terminal B will be ready to receive the U.S. Immigration and Customs pre-clearance service, which we are sure will be approved because of the competitive advantages it offers the Dominican Republic as a tourist and investment destination.

Punta Cana Free Trade Zone (PCFTZ)

The PCFTZ, from its Air Logistics Center, will handle import, export, transshipment and parcel cargo on a 265,518 m² site and 75,000 m² of construction, thus consolidating the process of cargo operations in passenger airplanes.

Free Trade Zone Park

It will also have a Free Trade Zone Park that will promote the manufacturing and service industry by facilitating the creation of different businesses on a 185,312 sq. mt. of land and an approximate 93,820 sq. mt. of construction. The administrative offices of the Punta Cana Free Trade Zone will include the operations of the Directorate General of Customs (DGA), DP World Caucedo and the Free Trade Zone.

Terminal B Expansion: Punta Cana Airport

The expansion of Terminal B of the Punta Cana International Airport will be carried out with an investment of US$80 million, with a capacity to handle 3 million passengers. This project will cover an area of approximately 25 thousand m² and will have seven gates, as well as seven air bridges. Construction is expected to be completed by November 2022. The expansion is in the hands of local architects and engineers.

The ceremony was attended by the former President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, and the blessing was given by Monsignor Jesús Castro Marte, Bishop of the Diocese of Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia.

Also present were José Ignacio Paliza, Administrative Minister of the Presidency; Víctor Bisonó, Minister of Industry and Commerce; David Collado, Minister of Tourism; José Marte Piantini, President of the Civil Aviation Board, together with other government officials and businessmen.

Also present were the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco; the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascensión, and the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel de Camps, together with the Director General of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, and the Director General of Immigration, Enrique García.


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