The advantages of an open skies agreement between the DR and the US

Following the announcement by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, on the consensus that exists between the DR and the United States to sign an open skies agreement, the U.S. Embassy in the DR has highlighted the advantages that the agreement would generate.

Therefore, Robert W. Thomas, former Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy, cited that for both countries: “Under an open skies agreement, airlines can offer more affordable, convenient and efficient air services to consumers by minimizing limitations on airline decisions on routes, number of flights and airline alliances”.

“These modern aviation agreements favor the consumer, expansion and competition and allow for a greater number of international passenger and cargo flights between the two countries,” he said, according to El Dia.

He explained that “with an open skies agreement with the United States, Dominican airlines would no longer have restrictions on where they can fly to in the United States and Dominican travelers could enjoy new flight options, lower fares and better service among more airlines in the market.”

“Dominican travelers could fly nonstop to more U.S. destinations beyond the typical New York and Florida routes, including less frequented U.S. cities that are also home to large Dominican communities. Likewise, U.S. travelers could benefit from more nonstop options to the DR, instead of worrying about long connections at other airports, spend more time with their families, enjoy the beauty of this country and boost tourism revenues here in the DR,” he noted.

It is recalled that since 1992, the United States has established open skies agreements with more than 130 allies, including small and large countries such as the Bahamas, Curacao, India, Japan and Spain, to name a few. The DR has also signed similar aviation agreements with Panama, Brazil and the Netherlands.


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