The Los Alcarrizos Beltway is 65 % complete

The Minister of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), Engineer Deligne Ascención Burgos, the Vice Minister of Supervision and Oversight, Roberto Herrera, and Joel Then, executive of the construction company Compreica, supervised the works being carried out on the bypass of this municipality, which are more than 65% complete.

Deligne Ascención emphasized that this is one of the works in which more expropriations have had to be made; “I do not remember any project in the last 15 years, in which it has been necessary to make so many expropriations, not even the one of the Mexico Avenue in San Carlos. Because of these limitations we have had, the project has taken a little while”.

“We have a government with a humane treatment that wants to reward each one of the people, even recognizing that many have been invasions and that, unfortunately, this is the reflection of the institutional weakness that there was in an axis that was totally defined and that, by the fact of three governments that passed and did not develop this project, we reached these levels”, he said.

He said that compensating these people translates into a considerable investment of a social nature, “if you want to put it that way”, adding that “these are people who have been staying here overnight for the last 15 or 20 years and others who, having their property titles, we have had to compensate them”.

He warned that a military unit has been created in the zone to preserve the right of way and that, in the future, situations like this “that we are experiencing today and that we have confronted today” will not happen again.

He explained that the desire is to have finished the work in only 15 months, “because the company Compreica has enough capacity to finish it in that time, but the problems encountered have led us to delay the work for a longer period of time”.

He said that it is a bit difficult to give the front to more than a thousand properties and added that there have been people to whom “in order to pay for their properties, the State has had to do all the legal documentation”.

Engineer Then

Engineer Joel Then, executive of the company Compreica, responsible for the construction of the work, said that it is 65% advanced; “it has the main structures ready and this is very important, because the works that are missing are finished quickly”.

He pointed out that the work will have three bridges, and that only two are missing, besides the road boxes are ready.

In addition to Minister Deligne Ascención, the activity was attended by Deputy Minister Roberto Herrera, Joel Then, David Vólquez, Darisa Sánchez, Engineer Gómez, from Compreica, among others.



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