Grupo Popular and U.S. renew collaboration for development

The Popular Group and the United States Government renewed their strategic alliance through which the Popular Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will continue to promote sustainable, inclusive and resilient development in communities in various parts of the country.

This overall objective aims to protect natural resources against climate shocks, strengthen community and local organizations in water resource management, expand health-related initiatives, and exchange best practices among agreement participants and third parties.

Specifically, projects will be implemented to foster community resilience, promoting sustainability, empowerment and cooperation at the local level. Also, in relation to water, sanitation and hygiene, the agreement will address the health needs of the selected communities and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The agreement also contemplates higher education, with experts collaborating through the training programs of the “Alejandro E. Grullón E.” Sustainability Chair; likewise, initiatives to improve the health of the beneficiary population will be expanded, hand in hand with the corporate alliance of social responsibility Sanar una Nación.


Grupo Popular and USAID initiated this agreement with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2019, among whose achievements stand out the improvement of access to drinking water in the community of El Guanal, Arroyo Blanco and Blanco Arriba, Santiago Rodríguez province, where 775 households, some 2,634 people, have improved their quality of life.Popular Group

In the same geographic demarcation, 676 families were trained on hygiene and sanitation measures to prevent diseases and preserve the environment. In addition, we promoted the institutional strengthening of two local organizations, the Arroyo Blanco Development Committee and the El Guanal Water Committee.

This year, a wetland will be built at the “El Rodeo” elementary school in Arroyo Blanco Arriba, and water and sanitation solutions will be extended to the area of influence of Plan Sierra.

Expanding the sustainable vision

Mr. José Mármol, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications, Reputation and Responsible Banking of Grupo Popular and Vice President of the Board of Directors of Fundación Popular, highlighted the importance of this project and its capacity to extend a sustainable vision in favor of the country.

“We thank the U.S. Embassy in the country and USAID, through its director, collaborators and technicians, for trusting our corporate foundation and for making this important agreement a reality,” said the banking executive.

Rebecca Latorraca, director of USAID in the Dominican Republic, underscored the importance of this agreement as a reflection of the commitment of Dominican society, the private sector and international organizations to propose solutions that improve the quality of life of Dominican families.

“The signing of this addendum is a sign of the commitment of Grupo Popular and the U.S. Government to improve access to potable water in remote communities and prevent disease in families. A healthy family is a family that works for its country. And that is what we achieve through this alliance,” said the USAID director.

The signing ceremony took place at the Popular Tower, with the attendance of Manuel E. Jiménez F., Executive President of Grupo Popular; Mariel Bera, Vice President of Corporate Relations and Responsible Banking; Elías Dinzey, General Manager of Fundación Popular; and Dabeida Agramonte, Program Manager of Fundación Popular.

Also present for USAID were Rebecca Fertziger, Director of the Office of Health, and José Frank Cuello, Development and Public-Private Partnerships Specialist.

During the activity, the USAID representatives were given a report with the milestones of the 10 years of the Heal a Nation alliance, highlighting the contributions of this initiative to the USAID program, ACHIEVE.


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