Montaner Family Vacation in the DR

The renowned singer Ricardo Montaner and his family shared some postcards of their rest trip.

Renowned artist Ricardo Montaner continues to be the talk of the world. His music has transcended all frontiers and his imprint is engraved in the show business environment. The fact is that the 65-year-old singer-songwriter is a great reference for many new artists who venture into his genre and has become one of the most popular.

Something that also highlights Ricardo Montaner is that his children have also dedicated themselves to music and even his son-in-law, Camilo, added his songs to the so-called Clan Montaner. The Argentinean artist, but with several nationalities, is a prophet of family love and is also characterized as such among his viewers. His social networks are full of images of all the members of this particular family.

The luxurious vacations of the Montaner Clan

Recently, Ricardo Montaner and his family decided to take a well-deserved break and for that they chose the Dominican Republic. The artist was one of those who shared on his social networks pictures and videos of this special moment he enjoyed with his children, grandchildren and his wife, Marlene Rodríguez.

Samaná was the location chosen by the Montaner Clan where they have been able to enjoy the sun, the beach and the pools of a luxurious hotel. Evaluna Montaner also illustrated on digital platforms this moment of family relaxation and showed the paradisiacal place where they are. However, Ricardo Montaner was the first to give concrete clues of where they were enjoying themselves.

Ricky Montaner is the last of the members of the Montaner Clan to join the rest of the family in the Dominican Republic. The young artist posted it on his social networks and thus revealed that this luxurious family vacation will not be missed and his followers have conveyed them much affection and good wishes.


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