Ministry of Education signs agreement to provide therapeutic units for children with disabilities

The Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (Minerd) signed a collaboration agreement with several institutions for the implementation of the Territorial Therapeutic Intervention Units (UITT) project, created to provide therapeutic attention to families and children from zero to six years of age, with some type of disability.

The agreement was signed with the Centro de Atención Integral para la Discapacidad (CAID), the Instituto Postal Dominicano (Inposdom), the Instituto Nacional de Atención Integral a la Primera Infancia (Inaipi) and the Dirección General de Bienes Nacionales (DGBN), who committed to provide quality services with the highest possible degree of accessibility and equity, as a governmental response to the needs of children with disabilities.

During the signing of the agreement, the Minister of Education, Angel Hernandez, said that the units will operate in Inposdom premises that were transferred to the Minerd, by disposition of President Luis Abinader, and that this alliance, without a doubt, will be of much benefit to families with a child with disabilities, in the places where the units will be installed.

“It is an initiative with a high social content that will have a very positive impact on the comprehensive care of these children. It is an association that will provide many benefits to Dominican families, especially those who have children with special conditions that prevent them from attending traditional schools regularly,” said the minister.

He expressed that in these spaces the children will have all the attention they require and that the goal is to achieve the greatest number of facilities at the national level, a commitment of President Luis Abinader, who has been very concerned about this issue.

Meanwhile, Father Jorge William Hernández, president of the Board of Directors of the Integral Attention Center for Disability (CAID), highlighted the importance of this agreement that will favor the child population with some type of disability; the first six units of the UITT will be inaugurated starting in 2024.

“This signing is of great importance, because it unites five State institutions that will be at the service of the country for children with disabilities, mainly at early ages. It is an initiative that I would like to highlight in the articulation that must be taken into account in State programs, so that other institutions can join and work in favor of this population”, said the religious man.

About the agreement

In the agreement, the Minerd committed itself to provide the necessary resources for the adequacy of the infrastructure of the physical plant in which the UITTs will operate; the necessary equipment; to maintain the best conditions of the facilities of the units, as well as to hire and train the personnel required for the operation.

Likewise, the signatory entities jointly undertake to inform all their personnel of the activities that will be carried out in order to fulfill the objective foreseen in accordance with the guidelines established in this agreement; to implement the work plan agreed upon according to the policies, guidelines, needs and available schedules of the institutions.


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