Santiago de los Caballeros: health tourism is making great progress

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP), in coordination with the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), held a conference in Santiago to highlight the importance of health tourism and the growth that has taken place in the Dominican Republic in this segment.

It was reported that of the 302,729 thousand international patients that the country received in 2023, 30% were treated in centers in the province, according to the results of a study.

The activity was headed by the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, who highlighted that the Dominican Republic is a reliable nation with excellent conditions, which contributes to boosting tourism in this area.

“The city of Santiago and the Cibao have the best park of public and private health centers in the country, with excellent specialized diagnostic imaging units, ophthalmology centers, dentistry, robotics and artificial intelligence management. Clinics, hospitals and units that are efficient, effective and efficient in their attention, which projects it as an important health tourist destination”, he said.

He said that various national studies indicate that in 2023, some 302,729 thousand international patients were treated in the Dominican Republic, of which around 30% came to Santiago.

Among the medical services or treatments most demanded by international patients are dentistry (more than 70%) and plastic surgery (15%). In addition, foreigners request other services such as cardiovascular care, orthopedic services and rehabilitation, fertility and assisted reproduction, bariatric, among others.

He said that as the Ministry’s governing body for health, it is working to guarantee the quality of the services offered in the country, above all ensuring compliance with the General Health Law and preserving the life and integrity of visitors.

We need the Dominican tourism destination strategy to project us as a competitive brand in health, tourism and wellness,” he added.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the ADTS, said that the objective of the study on health tourism, the second to be applied, is to update the statistics in this area and to identify opportunities, challenges and advantages that “the Dominican Republic offers for sustainable development and investment in health and wellness tourism”.

The meeting included a forum with the participation of Dr. Juan Gerardo Mesa, director of Habilitation; Ramón Paulino, president of the Clúster Santiago Destino Turístico, among others.

The activity was attended by Ricardo Fondeur, president of the Council for the Strategic Development of Santiago and representative of the Alianza Compromiso Santiago; Sandy Filpo, president of the Association of Industrialists and Merchants (ACIS), the Provincial Health Directors of Santiago, Adalberto Peña, Carolina Núñez and Pedro Felipe Rivera; as well as the directors of the Regional Health Service and of the Cabral y Báez Hospital, doctors Manuel Lora and Bernardo Hilario, among others.



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