The 1st Ibero-American Congress against Burnout in the DR

The First Ibero-American Congress against Burnout will be held in the Dominican Republic between June 29 and July 2 with the mission of exploring the risks of burnout syndrome in people and the impact on the productivity of companies.

“We are welcoming experts linked to the prevention and treatment of mental health problems, among them Carmen Martínez Viciana, from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO); Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera, psychologist (Spain); Dr. Néstor Braidot, neuroscientist (Argentina-Spain), Michael Leiter, psychologist and burnout expert (USA), and Ismael Cala (Cuba-USA), communicator and life strategist,” announced María Méndez, president of Vacation is a Human Right Foundation (VIAHR).

“We all live through complicated moments of work burnout and also of ’emotional exhaustion’. We urgently need to become aware of this, that we are human beings, not machines. We must focus our attention on our inner self, self-managing our emotions and developing emotional-energetic coherence. Synergy between energy and emotion, to generate quality of life,” said Néstor Braidot.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist Bisila Bokoko, another of the participants, assured that “we are at an optimal moment, because we are becoming more and more aware that work burnout is a reality. And that stopping and resting is fundamental to improving productivity.

According to Aflac Workforces Report, Generation Z (71%), those with multiple jobs (66%), Hispanics (65%), millennials (65%) and women (62%), are seriously affected by burnout. Still, in 2023, 45% of employers appear unwilling to consider burnout as an organizational problem, up from last year (43%).

“The prevalence of burnout calls for urgent action. It is essential that workplaces are designed for people, rather than requiring them to conform to structures. Workplaces must be spaces where people can fulfill their aspirations of belonging to a community, while contributing to excellent work,” explained Professor Michael Leiter.

Dilcia Ruan, VIAHR project manager, added that the congress will feature forums, interviews, lectures, Q&A sessions, mini-workshops and networking activities. Also, with a day of breaks, rest and enjoyment at the exclusive Casa de Campo complex.

VIAHR is a private, non-profit foundation committed to the well-being of individuals suffering from burnout syndrome by promoting awareness of the importance of breaks as a means to prevent it. VIAHR offers accompaniment, guidance, training and break experiences for companies and individuals with this condition.

Article 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, to reasonable limitation of working hours and to periodic vacations with pay”.

Travel For Change is the sponsor-presenter of the event. The main sponsors are Somos Community Care (New York), Banco Popular, Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic and “El Nuevo Diario”.

In addition to the on-site options, VIAHR has made available the possibility of virtual participation, in order to reach as many people as possible. More details:


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