COTAL highlights the “good treatment” given by Dominicans to tourists in the country

The Dominican Republic is characterized by the “good treatment” that Dominicans provide to tourists, said Guillermo Milton Schneider, president of the Confederation of Tourism Organizations of Latin America (COTAL) who in turn said that “receiving assistance with a staff with a smile is always something that makes you enjoy your stay with more enthusiasm”.

“I am not saying this from my recent experience since I come from far away from the South of Argentina (Patagonia), I have been coming to Punta Cana for quite some time and I have seen people from many places visiting the destination and there is that I think that things are going well in DR”, he explained to

He added that the word “a la orden” for Dominicans is common, but not for many tourists, we almost never hear it, so when a collaborator in the sector says those words many things are associated”.

Schneider concluded that the country is in its best moment, for which the tourism of “DR is on order”, is something to be proud of.

It is recalled that COTAL is the pioneer institution in tourism in the Americas that integrates the work of the public and private sectors in the gastronomic, hotel, recreational and transportation areas. In addition to promoting emerging destinations, in alliance with national, provincial and municipal governments through their secretariats and Ministries of Tourism.

Source: Arecoa

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