DR is projected as the Caribbean’s leading general aviation destination

The transformation of general aviation in the Dominican Republic, driven by initiatives such as airport facilities, the creation of an aviation protocol, and the continuous improvement of infrastructure, has led the country to become the main attraction in the Caribbean for non-commercial private aviation.

That statement was made by the director of the Airport Department (DA), Victor Pichardo, in his dissertation in Kingston, Jamaica, as part of the General Aviation Conference held by the Airports Council International for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC).

“Since our arrival in 2020, we have worked to transform General Aviation as a great opportunity for the integral growth of our tourism and airport services,” he said.

Pichardo also highlighted the link between the initiatives and the strengthening of tourism.

The official cited that, among the fundamental efforts made for the transformation of the sector, is the creation of the Protocol for the Management of Non-Commercial Private Aviation in the Dominican Republic, an instrument that offers facilities such as an exclusive area for aircraft reception, ramp services, baggage handling and transportation.

He also said that, service facilities and assistance in complying with regulations, from the arrival of the aircraft; independent security and zoophytosanitary inspection procedures; reception and dispatch area for passengers and crew members in the terminal building, among others.

Pichardo said that the creation of the protocol came to complement the work previously carried out, related to the renovation of domestic airports; the transfer to the DA of the administration and operation of the airfields; the construction of new domestic terminals and heliports, and the effort to unify the sector.

“We unified all government institutions, airport operators, related companies and aeroclubs, in order to promote domestic tourism through General Aviation,” he said.

He valued the public-private partnership scheme in the progress.

The DA director invited those present to experience the potential of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination in the Caribbean for General Aviation, with unique benefits such as its geographical position, exotic destinations, hotel offers, golf courses, the warmth of the people and other incentives.

The event, which was held for the first time worldwide, brought together the main airport authorities of the ACI-LAC member countries, with the aim of discussing the challenges of general aviation in Latin America.

Source: Reddenoticias.online

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