Carrasco Airport: nonstop flights to Dominican Rep.

New air route is added to Carrasco Airport: non-stop flights to Dominican Republic

From November it will be possible to fly direct from Montevideo to Santo Domingo

As from November of this year it will be possible to fly from Montevideo to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, without stopovers, as a new airline joins the routes of the Carrasco International Airport, Remo Monzeglio, acting Minister of Tourism, informed to Café & Negocios.

Arajet, which is based in Santo Domingo, has a fleet of five Boein 737/8 MAX, and will connect Uruguay “with a country with which we traditionally had no direct flights”, he commented.

The announcement of the beginning of this new air route will be made this Thursday at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, where the authorities of the Ministry of Tourism will be present.

Uruguay in the airlines’ sights

Monzeglio pointed out that having a new route of this type is something “very positive”, and that there is currently a high demand for flights (mainly from Uruguay to other countries) but that there is also a great interest from companies from other countries to come to Uruguay.

According to him, the ministry is in talks with several airlines, such as from Mexico and Italy.

Currently there is a great demand for air travel, so much so that for July vacations there are few seats available to travel to Argentina, one of the most sought after destinations in the region by Uruguayans. About that Monzeglio said that it is a situation that occurs because “Uruguayans have a purchasing power in dollars quite higher than those of the region, they are leading and that allows them to travel”.


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