CENI Expo Forum highlights potential of northern region

During the second CENI Expo Forum, held in Santiago, leaders and experts highlighted the great potential that the northern region of the Dominican Republic has in the development of construction, real estate and tourism. This was the opinion of Alejandro Fondeur Mera, president of the Association of Developers and Consultants of Cibao (Aprocovici) and Ana María Ramos, director of El Inmobiliario and of the CENI platform (Training, Strategy, Business and Innovation).

Fondeur Mera thanked CENI for setting its sights on Cibao and serving as an ideal scenario to highlight the benefits and opportunities offered by the northern part of the country.

In his opinion, the Dominican Republic has demonstrated that it is a resilient country because it continues to lead Latin America in terms of growth and recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this sense, he said that “the Northern region is marked by its resounding contribution and more importantly, by the potential it has to continue developing”.

He recalled that it is the responsibility of the actors of these thriving sectors of the economy to ensure that the Northern region and all the provinces of the country can show more prosperity and dynamism in the coming years. “We have to bet on the country and our cities! The Cibao is already an example in the free zones, health and agricultural sectors. We are experiencing the largest public investment destined to our region in recent years, which supports the impressive real estate development that our cities are experiencing,” he analyzed.

The president of Aprocovici expressed that he was honored to be able to support the second Expo Forum CENI, called “Zona Norte Late Corazón Dominicano”, which has been characterized by contributing with its work to the development of the sector and valued the contributions of the newspaper El Inmobiliario with daily, valuable and specialized information.

Meanwhile, the prominent journalist Ana María Ramos emphasized that through CENI they will continue with their commitment to support and contribute to the strengthening of these sectors that are such a priority for the economy, which is demonstrated in the second Expo Forum, under the concept “Zona Norte Late Corazón Dominicano”.

“We have bet on the construction, real estate and tourism sectors of the country because we are convinced of their great potential and we know that, if they join forces, taking advantage of the multiple opportunities that are observed, the results can be unimaginable,” he pondered.

He pointed out that CENI is an ideal platform for training, for making visible the brands of the construction, real estate and tourism sectors, for networking, as well as for learning about the richness and attractions offered by the country, which have positioned it at world level.

At the launch of the third edition of El Inmobiliario impreso, its director, Ana María Ramos, emphasized that this specialized media continues to bear fruit thanks to the sectors that have placed their trust in this initiative and the CENI platform. She informed that, after nine months of starting its quarterly circulation, this new edition has 7,000 copies, which will be distributed in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

He assured that El Inmobiliario and the CENI platform, trusting in the promising future of the economic, construction, real estate and tourism sectors, will continue to offer useful and truthful information.

Ramos valued that the media, which was born digitally one year and nine months ago, has experienced a growth that has exceeded their expectations and that today the project has five products: ElInmobiliario.do, the printed newspaper in its regular and special versions, a weekly newsletter and the CENI Forum Expo.

“Zona Norte Late Corazón Dominicano”

The Second CENI Expo Forum, which takes place at the Convention Center of the Technological University of Santiago (Utesa), serves as a stage to address the topics: “Growth of Real Estate Tourism in the Dominican Republic”, “The importance of certification in the real estate agent”; asset laundering and Noval Properties, at the forefront in the construction sector.

Also, the mortgage benefits of APAP, Zona Norte, as a real estate investment destination, A different real estate concept, The Entrepreneurial Mind and the Larimar project, were other topics to be discussed.

“Zona Norte Late Corazón Dominicano” began with an attractive musical opening in homage to Santiago, in charge of the company Eventos Espectaculares, which delighted those present, who also took advantage of interesting lectures and panel discussions, as well as the exhibitions held at the stands of the participating companies.

The second edition of Expo Foro CENI, which is supported by the Association of Developers and Homebuilders of Cibao (Aprocovici) and the Association of Real Estate Agents and Companies (AEI), will be attended by developers, real estate agents, engineers, architects, lawyers and other personalities linked to the industry.

On this occasion, the activity is sponsored by Noval Properties, Asociación Popular de Ahorros y Préstamos (APAP), Remax Monumental, Keller Williams, Banco de Reservas de la Dominican Republic (Banreservas), Gizeh Constructora, Élite Ingeniería, Cordiflex and Ingeniería Infante Pichardo.

In addition, Ferreteria Ochoa, Santiago CasasRD, Inmo Caribe, Murcia Group, Suma Inmobiliaria, JRI Inversiones, Portal Inmobiliario, Blue Caribbean Properties, Canal País, Bodegas Don Julian and Joanny Joyería.

Source: Hoy.com.do

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