Exciting experience at vacation fair

It was an exciting experience for Dominican families to learn about attractive offers to plan their vacations both in the country and abroad, with the guidance, encouragement and promotion of the best hotels present at the XXII version of the CTN Vacations Expo Fair 2023 held at the Sambil Plaza in this city.

The opening was attended by the vice-president of the country, Raquel Peña, and personalities linked to the hotel sector.

Miguel A. Calzada León, president of CTN and Puro Turismo, highlighted that “with the celebration of events in the country of which we can highlight the 118th meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), CONNECT New World, meeting of the main airports of the world and, for the first time, held outside Europe, recognition by TripAdvisor to the Dominican Republic as the ninth country in the world with desire to be visited and number 1 in the entire Caribbean, which makes us be in the center of the magnifying glass of the tourism world.”

Source: Hoy.com.do

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