DR ‘instagrammable’ places for tourism in times of likes

Traveling and sharing the experience on social media is a difficult duo to separate. In times of exposure, an unpublished trip might never have existed. The quest for photos and videos above all tourism activity conditions the way we travel, and this way of doing it is beginning to be known within the tourism sector as “Selfie and Go” (Selfie and Go).

The need of users to have more and more likes and followers with stunning photos and videos in dazzling destinations has created a new travel trend, especially among the millennial public.

It’s almost impossible that when we visit an idyllic, iconic or trendy place, we don’t want to upload a photo to our ‘feed’. If we don’t, it’s like we’ve never been there.

And since the Dominican Republic has it all, there are perfect places to generate the best Instagram postcards.

In terms of geography, DR is an extremely diverse country, ranging from urban areas to mountains and beaches. Here are just a few places to get the best spots for photos.

The Colonial City

The Colonial City has always been a favorite spot for photographers and is now a favorite for instagramers. This historic district of the city of Santo Domingo has beautiful architecture and perfect places to take the best pictures. The favorite streets for these purposes are: Arzobispo Meriño. In this street you will find a decoration of blue umbrellas, a very interesting attraction since you can play with the angles and create dynamic effects.

Likewise, the colonial balconies are the opportunity to capture the perfect photo surrounded by colors.

The beautiful Isabel La Católica street is perfect.

La Milagrosa Chapel

Located in Los Montones, San José de las Matas, Santiago province, this is one of the places that is gaining popularity to take that instagrammable photo.

Hoyo Azul

It is one of the lungs of Cap Cana. No wonder it is one of the most photographable places among local and foreign tourists.

Café Colao

This little cafe is the most photographed of Jarabacoa. It is located on the same street as Helados Ivone.

Mirador Brisas del Atlántico

Five minutes from Punta Rucia is the wonderful viewpoint known as “Columpio infinito”, which is one of the most Instagrammable places in the country. The photos taken there are a dream.

PP Historic Center

Both the Calle de las Sombrillas, located in Puerto Plata, one of the most beautiful visual attractions, and El Pasaje de Doña Blanca, a small alley painted entirely in pink, both places in the center of this tourist pole, are famous on networks.

Source: Hoy.com.do

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