Government begins construction of modern Traumatology Unit in Higüey

The Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla Sánchez, gave the first signal on Friday for the start of the construction of a Traumatology Unit in Higüey, in the province of La Altagracia.

This modern health center will contemplate a total investment of more than DR 556 million, for the benefit of thousands of inhabitants of the head municipality of La Altagracia and other surrounding areas.

In total, the unit to be built by the MIVED will contribute 33 new beds to the country’s health system, 24 of them for hospitalization and the remaining nine for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“The construction of this Trauma Unit will be the result of the team effort of the MIVED, an admirable group of people committed to delivering to Dominicans works that respond to their needs and substantially improve their quality of life, complying with the highest national and international standards of architecture and construction,” said Minister Bonilla Sanchez during the ceremony.

“Health is a priority aspect for everyone and it is a flag that we raise from MIVED along with housing, sports or services. Works like this one that we are beginning to build today are an expression of solidarity and hope for a future of progress and wellbeing for all,” said the official.

The center will have an outpatient clinic and four general specialty clinics to attend thousands of patients, complying with the regulations established by the Ministry of Public Health on the architectural design guidelines for this type of structure.

It will also have an emergency area, physiotherapy unit, imaging, general services, laboratory and surgical unit.

The modern building will represent a construction of 3,575 square meters and will generate thousands of jobs that will impact the economy of this area in the eastern part of the country.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Minister Bonilla was accompanied by the governor of La Altagracia, Martina Pepén; the senator of La Altagracia, Virgilio Cedano; the deputy Francisco Villegas; the director of the Regional Health Service (SRS), Ricardo Romero; the provincial director of Health in La Altagracia, Víctor Rodríguez; Luis Bastardo Báez, vice-minister of Regional Coordination of the Ministry of Public Works, and Father Evaristo Areche Freijomil, rector of the Basilica Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia, who blessed the work.


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