Medical operation performed in Santo Domingo Norte

The Supérate program, Fundación Rica, the National Health Service (SNS) and CitiHope International, Inc. carried out a medical operation at the María Trinidad Sánchez Primary School in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norte, to continue benefiting the population in vulnerable conditions.

During the medical day, special assistance was provided in pediatric nutrition, pediatrics, general medicine, mammograms and sonomammograms, as well as prostate exams to the residents of the area. Medicines were also provided for children, young people, men, women and the elderly.

Gloria Reyes, general director of Supérate, thanked “all the allied institutions, both public and private, for joining this medical operation that contributes to the care and improvement of the health of Dominican families”.

Wenceslao Soto, executive director of Fundación Rica, and Tim Tuccelli, president of CitiHope International, Inc. were with the general director of Supérate supervising the medical services that were offered free of charge.

The representatives of the organizing institutions thanked Grupo Rica, Laboratorios Alfa, Laboratorios Acromax, Fundación Cruz Jiminián and Fundación Reymo, Inc. for their support with medicines and medical personnel to carry out this operation.

The event was attended by Altagracia Julia Drullard, governor of Santo Domingo Norte, and Betty Gerónimo, deputy of Santo Domingo Norte. Supérate was represented by Patricia Nuñez, regional director of Santo Domingo Norte; Siria Frías, deputy general director of Family Improvement, and Miriam Batista, director of Articulation.


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